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Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Review

I got a chance last week to play the Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC and really enjoyed getting back into the Dragon Age world.  Hawke and company are pulled into a new mission when a gang attacks Hawke and his sibling.  To get to the bottom of why they leave Kirkwall and head to what turns out to be a giant prison.  Along the way in addition to the normal fighting and side quests we get some of the story of Hawke’s father filled in.

The DLC’s new areas are pretty linear which makes it easy to complete all the side-quests along the way. However, there are only a couple points during the DLC where you can travel back to Kirkwall to sell junk and stock up on potions.  So, plan accordingly before you go. You do however have access to your stash chest along the way a few times so you can drop extra stuff off there to make room in your inventory.  While these things are a little annoying it was not really that big of a deal to me.

I enjoyed playing through the DLC (which is not as long as you might thing for $10) because they made it more difficult than the main game with some fun new enemies.  It was nice to be challenged a little and not to just power through every enemy group.  The new enemies require a little more strategy as some can only be hurt from behind and others make duplicates clones of themselves.  The final boss was the only time where I actually died (and he killed me twice).  He has a lot of health and can only be hurt at certain points.  However on the my 3rd try I realized that I was trying to rush through the battle too much which was getting my companions killed.  When I took it slower so they could keep up with me we finished him off without anyone needing revived.

While I was a little disappointed the Legacy DLC was not longer it was still a lot of fun. It gives you some fun new equipment to play with and new achievements are always nice.



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