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Red Faction: Armageddon – Path to War DLC Review

I just finished playing through the Path to War DLC for Red Faction: Armageddon that I started on my lunch break.  It was not very long for the $7 (560 Points) price, but I did enjoy it.  It consists of a handful of separate missions that fill in the back story of what happened before and after the main plot of Red Faction: Armageddon. In addition to the new story pieces there are two new weapons and a new tank you get to play with.  The new Sharpshooter gun was especially fun as it impales enemies to the wall. Plus it can take down a Berserker in 2 shots.

The way the missions tie together was pretty cool even though they each occur at separate times they follow the plot of events between Mason and Malice.  The very first mission you actually play as Malice setting the whole chain of events in motion. From there you see the steps leading up to the transformer getting destroyed and then what happens with Malice after the death of Hale.  It is a nice side story that fits well with the main game.

There are 10 new achievements that you can get in 1 playthrough as long as you pay attention.  Still, it is hard to justify $7 for 90 minutes of playing.  Yes, it is cheaper than a movie, but this should be $3 or $4 at most. I’d recommend waiting for it to go on sale unless you have a few extra dollars burning a hole in your virtual pocket.

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