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Dungeon Siege III Review

So I finally finished playing through Dungeon Siege III this week.  I ended up playing the whole thing solo. My normal co-op partner either did not have the game or were not on when I was playing.  I had fun playing although I’m not sure I chose the best character to play solo. I went with Katarina who I liked but since all here attacks are ranged based there were times I found myself rolling away to get a few shots of and then repeat.  She would probably be better in a group where there are a few melee fighters to keep enemies distracted.  Playing solo you do have an AI partner so that helped some but he generally would just stand and fight whoever was close.Still, her ranged attacks get quite powerful as you progress so I never had too much trouble clearing enemies.

The game’s story was pretty good but a little fantasy generic at times.  I did enjoy the times when I got choices that actually effected things in the game world.  For example after stopping a group of striking cyclopes I got to determine if they should get better wages or not.  My choice there did not make huge changes in the story and the world but it did have an effect.  Little pieces like that add so it feels like my actions actually are forming the story of the game verses just playing through the story that the developers wanted to tell.

While I did enjoy the game I did have one issue with it.  It is slow at points.  A lot of times after finishing a quest you need to go back to wherever you got the quest to turn it in.  I don’t mind that, it is  a pretty common mechanic, what I did find annoying is the lack of a fast travel system or even a way to make your character sprint.  After I clear a whole large winding dungeon it is annoying to have to backtrack all the way through it to get back out.

Overall, I enjoyed DS3 and would play DLC for it or another game in the series.  Hopefully if there is a Dungeon Siege 4 your character will be persistent in solo and co-op play.

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